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InfoDynamics - Your source of truth for your Energy and Utility Metering Data.

  Yurika encompasses one of Australia's largest metering businesses. We deliver innovative multi-utility metering, data and analysis tools to help maximise your energy and utility efficiency, which assists with cost management and compliance reporting.

InfoDynamics is an intuitive data management and information online portal, that empowers you with answers to make informed management decisions regarding electricity, gas and water consumption.Up to Four years of historical interval data is available across multiple meters and sites.

InfoDynamics provides you with two options to access your interval meter data and information, via the “Graph Now” or “Report Scheduling” interface.

Features include:
  • export data as CSV or PDF,
  • select various report & graph formats,
  • aggerate data by day/week/month,
  • visualise consumption, generation and demands.
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Metering Dynamics Pty Ltd ABN 58-087-082-764, trading as Yurika Metering,
is part of the Yurika Group of companies and licences the Yurika® trade mark.